"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord."

[Ps 122:1]

Welcome to Kehilat Haderech​

You are invited to come and worship God with us. We usually gather on Saturdays at 10:30 AM.

When you visit, please go to the Visitors table so you can get a copy of our Calendar of Events for the dates of Special Meetings, Events, Messages, Activities, Conferences, and more. We look forward to seeing you!

On this site, you will find a selection of messages which you are welcome to listen to. God speaks through the messages that are given at the meetings.

If you want to ask a question, leave a message or talk with us about our faith, email us and we will be happy to get back with you soon.

May the Blessing of God be upon you!

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available from 9:00 – 16:00 S-Th

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 502, Karmiel 2161401, ISRAEL

LOCATION: 11 Hahermesh Street,
Industrial Area, Karmiel


FAX: 04-988-5539

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We are grateful for all our supporters, and we want to keep in touch!

Yeshua said to him, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”
(John 14:6)

Donations Information

"And they came, every one whose heart stirred him up, and every one whom his spirit made willing, and they brought the LORD's offering to the work of the tabernacle of the congregation, and for all his service, and for the holy garments." (Exodus 35:21)

Cheques should be written to: “Kehilat Haderech”

and posted to:
Kehilat Haderech
P.O. Box 502
Karmiel 2161401

Account name: Kehilat Haderech
Account number: 409-375578
Branch number: 059
Branch name: Karmiel
Bank’s number: 31
Bank’s name: The First International Bank of Israel
Bank’s phone number: 04-9087200
Bank’s address: 2 Hagalil street, Karmiel 20100
IBAN no. : IL030310590000000375578

If there are any problems with these methods of giving, please contact us: kesher@kehilathaderech.org

With love and thankfulness,
Haderech Congregation

Thank You for Your Interest in Kehilat Haderech

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